Walking Tours

We hand picked what we consider the best walking tour providers in Lisbon. With several years working with them and securing places for our clients, these are the people we trust the most when it comes to walk around the city. Be it a walk through history or a sightseeing walking tour, we recommend you have a great long read to the different options. Maybe you just want to walk around the city and have someone explaining to you how the city has developed after kings, presidents and dictatorships, or maybe you want to know what that little thing over a building means, or what was the original functionality of the renowned Elevators. Or maybe you just want to dig in the gastronomy of Lisbon: their street food vendors, the “castanhas” during winter or the “gingija” de Alfama. This is your opportunity to get to know the place properly. Don’t miss it!

Have a better look at all of our Free Walking Tours in Lisbon and decide what you want to book next!

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