about us

Hi! My name is Flavio and I’m the owner of Hi Lisbon! Tours

After a couple of  years living in Brighton (UK) I decided to move in to Lisbon and chose to do what I love more: discover a new city! – It’s been almost 2 years now since I arrived to the city, and every day I just find myself falling in love with my new hometown.

While enjoying my stay in my new residence I  wrote a guidebook on the city called Lisboando (the guide is written in  Spanish but will be doing some translation this year). While writing the guide, I started contacting some tour providers that would want to feature their sightseeing and walking experiences in my guide. But being so curious, I realised that I couldn’t really tell anything about the tours if I didn’t do them. So instead of putting them blindly I chose only a few ones and have been doing the tours on my own so I can really experience them and check what is worth and what not. So, since then, I started offering the tours to my friends and clients, and they expressed their  satisfaction by saying that my selection is an “excellent choice”.

As my guide is only in spanish, I decided to put a bit of effort while I translate it all. This way you can take advantage of my knowledge, and book the tour you want.

I hope you enjoy the work I’m doing here, and that you get a real sense of what happens in each of the tours. Let me know if you have any doubts or if you happen to be looking after something specific. I have several contacts here and the odds are that I can get what you need 😉